Supported Housing

YMCA Lincolnshire has 129 units of accommodation across the city and our passion is to house and support residents and help them to sustain their license. We’re moving them from a position of vulnerability and dependence to greater levels of freedom and independence. Life, benefits, mental health, relationships, education and training, drug and alcohol issues are all complex and can be challenging for many people. We aim to keep residents safe and secure as possible in their home and sign post them to agencies and partner organisations to try and rebuild their lives. We work with some of the most challenging individuals in our society, but our faith basis keeps us focused on what we do.

The YMCA gives equal consideration to all applications received. Our policy is to provide fair and equal treatment to all applicants and aim to ensure no unfair discrimination against anyone in the application/referral process. (See Equal Opportunity and Diversity Statement)

Unfortunately we are unable to accept all applicants/referrals due to the type of accommodation we provide and the degree of support we are able to offer. It is necessary, therefore to assess each applicant for suitability.

Please read the following criteria before making an application/referral. If you have any queries regarding this procedure please contact a member of staff at the YMCA. (01522 888200)

Application Referral Criteria
You will:

  • Be aged 18 - 60
  • Be in need of support and guidance to sustain your tenancy with managing and accessing services leading to a more stable way of life and commitment towards improving individual circumstances.
  • Have an appreciation of the requirement to live independently whilst in the project.
  • Have an ability and willingness to interact with other people.
  • Be expected to work positively with Housing staff and maintain regular contact throughout your stay.
  • Be required to disclose any known offending history, mental illness, substance misuse or disability to enable fair assessment at interview.

Application/Referral Procedure
Application forms must be completed in full providing as much information as possible. (Assistance with completing the forms can be made available) Contact YMCA Lincolnshire to arrange an interview. All forms must be received prior to an interview. An interview will be arrange at the earliest opportunity. A decision is made as soon as possible but it must be appreciated that this process can take several days where further information needs to be obtained. YMCA staff will contact applicants and agencies notifying them of decisions made directly or in writing. Unsuccessful applicants will receive a reason for their unsuccessful application.

Occasionally we may have no suitable vacancies. In these circumstances, applications will be placed on a waiting list. Applicants will be advised accordingly.

If you are refused a place at YMCA Lincolnshire and disagree with the decision, you are able to appeal the decision by writing to the Housing Project Manager stating the reasons for your appeal. He/She will investigate your appeal and will contact you to confirm their decision.

Support Services Provided
Assisting Residents with maintaining the security of the
dwelling i.e ensuring security and controlling access.

Assisting Residents to comply with their Licence agreement by:

  • Dealing with nuisance and disputes between neighbours.
  • Rent, budgeting..
  • Claiming benefits.
  • Minor repairs i.e changing light bulbs and unblocking sinks etc.
  • Sign posting residents to access resettlement activities including education, training and employment.
  • Organising access to professional support services.
  • Accompanying residents to meetings and appointments, (Housing related) if necessary.
  • Encouraging residents to access local facilities and services.
  • Encouraging residents to access local recreational and social activities.
  • Assisting residents with form filling and written correspondence. (Housing related)


YMCA Lincolnshire staff are unable to assist with ‘personal care needs’. This includes:

  • Assistance at meal times
  • Assistance with bathing/dressing/getting into bed
  • Counselling to deal with alcohol/drug addiction
  • Overcoming mental health problems.
  • Other forms/specific counselling
  • Administering/supervising/reminding to take medication

For further information or for a Housing Application Form please contact a member of staff on Lincoln (01522) 888200
or email: Housing Project Manager.

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