Building Better Opportunities

Building Better Opportunities (BBO) is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund.

We are working with Greater Lincolnshire LEP to target disadvantaged communities and deprived areas to:
• Conduct a holistic assessment of an individual’s needs, followed by tailored support

• Provide specific support for those currently designated as economically inactive who can work to make a successful and sustainable transition towards employment

• Provide support to tackle barriers faced by people in workless households and troubled families or with multiple disadvantages, so that they can move towards, enter and make progress at work

• Provide support to tackle barriers such as: homelessness, debt, drug or alcohol problems, and mental health issues

• Provide support to tackle discrimination and barriers faced by ethnic minorities and disabled people

• Provide support to tackle barriers faced by disadvantaged people in rural communities who lack access to services

• Networking back into learning and employment provision, for example Job Clubs or Learning Champion type activity

• Provide activities to improve digital inclusion; volunteering experience, including taster sessions and additional support to sustain volunteering.

The BBO programme works with younger people not in education, employment, or training (NEET). The geography of Lincolnshire means that those who are NEET are often disconnected from the mainstream activities available. In Greater Lincolnshire, 16-24 year olds currently make up 26 per cent of all unemployment claimants. This figure is above the current national average of 22 per cent. BBO aims to combat this.

BBO also aims to provide support for people aged 50 and over to engage in volunteering, education or re-training for the job market (e.g. support access to internet/social networks to reduce isolation and to suitable training and support to develop skills and confidence).

There are four projects being delivered in the Greater Lincolnshire area through Building Better Opportunities:
• Considering employment options support
• Engagement into learning
• Money and debt management
• Supporting the economically inactive

For more information, click here to visit the Big Lottery Fund website.