The YMCA movement was founded in London in 1844 by George Williams, a textile worker. He and group of like-minded young men held prayer meetings which gradually evolved into a larger society, which they named the “Young Men’s Christian Association”.

George Williams and his friends inspired others to create similar groups, and today there are hundreds of YMCA’s all over the world.

In Lincolnshire there were originally two YMCAs – Lincoln YMCA and Stamford YMCA. The two associations merged in 2005 to form YMCA Lincolnshire. In 2013 YMCA Lincolnshire was joined with The Nomad Trust, a Lincoln-based homelessness charity.

YMCA Lincolnshire works in partnership with local, regional and national organisations and helps the community in a number of different ways, including:

  • Youth Work – through training and The Showroom Activity and Climbing Centres
  • Training – through general CPD and health and exercise qualifications
  • Housing – through the YMCA Hostel & The Nomad Centre
  • Childcare – through YMCA Beginnings and YMCA Woodlands Day Care
  • Retail – through The Nomad Trust charity shop

YMCA Lincolnshire is committed to safeguarding and takes seriously the welfare of all children and young people who take part in YMCA activities. For more information, read our Safeguarding policy.

Our mission statement, which underpins all of the work we undertake is:

Our mission, based on Christian Values, is to develop the mind, body and spirit of individuals, families and communities and improve health and wellbeing for all.

In line with our mission statement, our ethos is to: show care and respect for any individual with whom we come into contact, whether that be on a activity programme for one day or a resident living with us for a longer period of time.