Our CEO on the Importance of Social Media

Being socially active can help raise awareness of your company or organisation and differentiate you from your competitors, so long as your accounts are properly managed and regularly updated.

We spoke to our Chief Executive Caroline Killeavy to gain her opinion on the importance of social media in her day-to-day working life.

“As a local charity CEO, I find social media channels like Twitter invaluable,” explained Caroline.

“They allow me to reach new audiences and engage in an informal conversation with people who may not be aware of YMCA Lincolnshire and the work we do in the local community.

“Social media expands your reach as an organisation. Gone are the days when you’d find yourself off the grid if you didn’t have signal; you can now be working in the most rural of locations and still contribute to a debate in the city centre or capital.

“It’s never been so important for leaders to be human, accessible and visibly passionate about their cause. Social media can help you to be all these things to a large audience.

“It’s all about expression. For me, the moment when I truly realised the potential of Twitter was when I ditched all the professional social media advice; I decided to take a more informal, human approach. I stopped worrying about protocols, scheduling, key messages – chief executives should have their key messages inbuilt, pre-programmed; it should be natural.

“Having decided to relax the rules, I began to engage; I read responses and queries, I connected, I listened, and I responded in turn to inform people genuinely and organically about all of the great work we are doing.

“I regularly tweet about my team, our achievements, how we’re making an impact and who we support. I tweet good news for my city and my county as I’m proud of all these things and I want that to show.

“Social media fuels a conversation, which can take you to unexpected places, where you don’t always have a response.

“Paradoxically digital technology actually allows us to be more human. We’re connecting directly with the people that matter most and are reaching them faster than ever before; without social media, that would be impossible.”