Communities team launches Age-friendly Awareness Training

The Communities team has attended the first pilot run of its Age-friendly Awareness Training.

The new course, developed with the National Lottery Community Fund, will help Lincolnshire become Age-friendly.

Age-friendly Awareness Training helps organisations and staff who deal directly with customers. It aims to improve services by raising awareness of the challenges older people can face when using services.

This will initially be a full day’s training in which we will explore the ageing process. Participants will explore the impact of ageing on the quality of daily life. They will look at the physical environment, suggesting ways it could be more accessible to older people.

Age-friendly Awareness Training for Lincolnshire will involve conventional presentations and quizzes. It will also include a highly-practical element.

Participants wear a simulation suit to complete day-to-day activities.

The suit, complete with vision-impairment glasses and ear defenders, aims to simulate some of the physical impairments which can develop as people grow older. These include reduced dexterity and mobility, vision and hearing impairments.

The Communities team is rolling out this training across Lincolnshire. If you would like to attend a session or learn more, contact