It’s fun to play music at the YMCA!

YMCA Lincolnshire has re-opened its music studio to give local youngsters the opportunity to be creative through music.

After a period of use by a third party, the facilities are now back in YMCA control and are being used by young people from the ages 12- 25 from local estates. Young people are now able to access music taster sessions, high quality music workshops, music teaching and on-to-one support, at subsidised, affordable rates and in some instances entirely free of charge.

Ed Crowther is the music and arts youth worker for YMCA Lincolnshire: “The studio is incredible. It gives young people a chance to express themselves in a professional, high quality environment. We want to reach those who might not have considered music tuition before, or those whose families may not be able to afford it.

The Showroom’s music facilities offer a control room for teaching youngsters how to record music, a live room for playing music, a producing suite for budding producers, and two media rooms for videos, photography and editing.

“What’s amazing about it is that all of the rooms are completely sound-proofed – the young people can be that bit more confident, especially if they’ve never played before, knowing that no one can hear them. The young people already involved have recorded about 20 songs so far, at least 16 of which are all original material from the young people.

“Part of the aim is to get young people to perform to a high standard; we want to make sure that almost everything that comes out of the studio is of the standard that it could be forwarded to a producer.

“It’s genuinely moving to see how much these facilities can help young people to connect with themselves. They like to try spoken word or rap, or songwriting.

YMCA Lincolnshire is delighted to be working in partnership with partners to make this possible; Youth Music have provided funding of £29,920 to make the project possible, whilst soundLINCS have contributed £2,650 of funding for equipment.

John Stafford, Programme Development Manager at soundLINCS, is confident that the YMCA Lincolnshire’s new studio will have a positive effect on young people. He said: “By removing barriers to engagement, we will open doors to high-quality, otherwise out-of-reach opportunities. Using music as an inspiration will – we hope – raise aspirations, improve health and wellbeing and develop a skillset for those who participate.

The music studio has already resonated with those who have used the new facilities.

Ed added: “We had a young girl come in who’d came from a really difficult background. She was learning how to play the flute and lacked confidence.

“We helped her to record some songs, and you could see a change in her. She left with her own CD and felt really special. Having the chance to come into a studio of a professional standard, with all of the focus placed on you, is really powerful and sometimes just what these young people need for a self-esteem boost.”

If you would like to take part in the Music Group at The Showroom, contact us to book or enquire on 01522 508360.