Get prepared for your little ones first day at nursery

The first day of nursery is an exciting milestone, but can also be a confusing one too!

At YMCA Beginnings Day Care in Gainsborough and YMCA Woodlands Day Care in Lincoln we are often asked what should be brought into nursery.

We’ve compiled a list of essentials below to help the first day at nursery run a little bit smoother.

We recommend buying a sturdy bag or rucksack to put everything in… just don’t forget to label it with your child’s name!

The essentials:

  • Your child’s comfort blanket, dummy, or toy to make them feel at ease
  • Spare underwear and nappies in case of accidents.
  • A change of clothes – messy play is very aptly named!
  • A sun hat or woolly hat, depending on the season
  • A jacket in the winter months
  • Packed lunch if your child isn’t having a hot lunch
  • Nappy cream
  • Baby wipes
  • Sun cream
  • Wellies

If your child is still bottle fed, we recommend packing at least one bottle and sufficient quantities of the appropriate formula/expressed milk.

We’ve said it already, but don’t forget to label everything with clearly with your child’s name. It’s amazing how many identical coats arrive at nursery at the same time!