Multi-talented University Students Supporting YMCA Lincolnshire

A group of film students are making a documentary film about homelessness in Lincoln. The film aims to highlight the scale of the issues in the city and the work of local charities who are making a difference. The main charity chosen to feature in the short film is YMCA Lincolnshire.

Roughly 5 years ago  YMCA Lincolnshire joined with the Nomad Trust, a Lincoln-based homelessness charity. Nomad is now one of the many projects YMCA Lincolnshire runs, providing emergency support that takes people off the streets, feeds and clothes them, and sets them on the path to more permanent accommodation.

The Students approached Nomad, part of YMCA Lincolnshire, early on in November. They are wanting to raise awareness of homelessness using their film but also support the charities who are having a positive impact.

Clare Taylor, one of the film students from the University said: “Our assignment, to make a short film has given our group the chance to highlight an important cause. Everyday more and more people without a home are forced to live their private lives in public spaces, we want our film to be thought provoking and informative but also showcase organisations such as Nomad, part of YMCA Lincolnshire who are making a difference.”

The Film will feature the facilities and staff of YMCA Lincolnshire and how they assist the homeless on a day to day basis. The film will also heavily feature an event run by YMCA Lincolnshire called EAT!

EAT! is held at the Showroom on Tritton road on the last Friday of every month. The event aims to get the community together for a meal which has been cooked by YMCA residents. The University students will be documenting the YMCA Lincolnshire residents cooking the EAT! meal who have been learning how to cook with the help of the staff at the Showroom.

The multi-talented students have also offered to perform at the event, singing songs for the community meal. One of those songs is called Shelter, written and produced by Anthonia Ziregbe.

Anthonia Ziregbe, student at the University of Lincoln said: “The reggae style song has a literal and metaphorical meaning, it means home, comfort, love, family, friendship and protection.”

Anthonia has chosen to sell the track via Just Giving, asking members of the public to donate to Nomad, part of YMCA Lincolnshire in return for the song. You can download ‘Shelter’ by visiting and donating via

Holly Eyre, fundraising office for YMCA Lincolnshire said: “We are hugely grateful to students from the university for wanting to support us via their film and song. We can’t wait to see them perform at EAT! on Friday the 30th November, we encourage everyone to come along for some tasty food and to cheer on the students!”