Booking Term & Conditions

Section 1: Confirming your booking

  • We require all mandatory fields to be completed for booking.
  • Payment must be made on arrival at The Showroom Climbing Centre.
  • You must be a competent climber, or arriving alongside a competent climber to place a booking for competent climbing sessions.
  • You may make a booking for an under-18 kids club member. Please use the child’s name when placing a booking.

Section 2: Altering your booking

  • We require you to notify us, if you want to change or cancel your booking. This can be done by emailing:

Section 3: Cancellations

  • If we need to cancel your booking we will contact you via the information you provided during the booking process, we will aim to do this in as timely manner as possible.

Section 4: Additional booking policies

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive at the scheduled start-time of your booking. No concessions will be made in the event of a late arrival time. In the event you arrive late, please be aware that it will not be possible for us to overrun your bookings past the scheduled finish-time.
  • We reserve the right to remove an individual or stop a booking, should they or a group’s behavior be deemed anti-social or infringe on the safety of themselves or others. No form of reimbursement will be offered under these circumstances.

Section 5: Additional Information

  • Bookings can involve the following climbing based activities; Traversing, Auto-Belaying and Roped Climbing.
  • All kids clubs participants should aim to arrive a minimum of 5-10 minutes prior to their booking start time, in order to check in and be ready for pick up by their instructor.
  • In terms of what participants should wear; we recommend sporty/casual clothing, with trainers for footwear. We rent out harnesses, belay devices and shoes on site.
  • All participants must wear a mask whenever inside the facility, with the only exclusion being whilst climbing, drinking and eating.

Section 6: COVID-19

  • Should you not be able to attend your booking due to Covid-19 related self-isolation or illness, please contact us prior to the date of your booking.