Climbing Forms

Below you will find the necessary forms for entry. Please fill out the applicable form and bring it along when you first visit us.


Competent Member Registration Climbing Form

This form is if you are a competent climber (you can tie-in and belay) already and you wish to visit The Showroom Climbing Centre.

Guest Climbing Form

This form is if you are coming along with a competent climber but are a novice without tie-in and belaying skills.

Parental Consent Form

This form is for parents to give consent for their child to participate in our kids clubs or regular group bookings.

Conditions of Use

Finally we have our conditions of use, before entering the climbing wall regardless of ability you must make sure you understand and will abide by these conditions.

For availability and to book visit our online booking page or contact a member of our climbing team on 01522 508376 or email