Showroom_Nicas-800-x0NICAS – National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme

NICAS is a national award scheme recognising the skills of indoor climbing for those aged 7+ and administered by the Association of British Climbing Walls (ABC).

The Showroom is now certified to offer NICAS Levels 1 & 2 to our young climbers.

Aims of the scheme:

  • develop climbing skills and improve levels of ability
  • learn climbing rope-work and how to use equipment safely
  • develop risk assessment and management skills in the sport
  • work as a team, communicate with, and trust a climbing partner
  • develop a deeper knowledge of the sport
  • paint the way to further challenges in climbing beyond the scheme
  • provide a record of personal achievement in climbing

Structure of the scheme:

  1. Foundation climber – the entry level aimed at complete novices, which recognises their ability to climb safely under supervision (min 4hrs)
  2. Top rope climber – aimed at promoting bes practice in top rope climbing and bouldering on an artificial wall (min 10hrs)

Candidates are issued a logbook upon registration, experience is then recorded and The Showroom will award certificates on behalf of the ABCTT. Please note our Kids Club sessions will count towards required hours of experience. Required hours must be completed in multiple sessions.

Registration for level 1 and 2 is just £5, including Registration, Log Book & Certificates.

NICAS Group Bookings

We can also offer group bookings for schools or organisations.

Contact or call on 01522 508376