Outdoor Climbing

Outdoor Climbing Sessions

The Showroom Climbing Centre is now offering Outdoor Climbing Sessions! Are you ready for the next step in your climbing journey?


Climbing outdoors can be one of the most thrilling and satisfying forms of climbing, combining the gymnastic styles of indoor climbing with being outside in the great outdoors, close to nature and in a more adventurous environment.

The Showroom Climbing Centre will be running outdoor climbing sessions this summer for ages 12 and over. These sessions consist of roped climbing or bouldering at crags located in the Peak District National Park. You will spend the day under the tutelage of our friendly expert instructors. All equipment and transport is provided. This is a perfect opportunity to develop your climbing skills in an outdoor setting with guidance from NGB qualified instructors. We can also run guided climbing sessions or outdoor bouldering experiences. Whether you’ve never put on a harness, you’re an experienced indoor climber looking to transition outdoors, or your looking to develop your outdoor climbing technique and rope skills we’ve got the outdoor session for you!


Outdoor Bouldering

Outdoor Bouldering is climbing large boulders without the use of ropes, but using padded bouldering mats placed beneath climbs to protect the climber in the event of a fall. Our instructors will take climbers out, and using their extensive knowledge pick an appropriate area for your skill level and weather conditions. We can use bouldering sessions to work on building up confidence in movement on rock and developing general climbing technique. It’s also a great experience for families, with plenty of opportunity to picnic as well as going at your own pace on the boulders. We always operate with two instructors to ensure your safety at all times. Minimum participant level 4.

Outdoor Bouldering sessions are £85pp.



Roped Climbing/Abseiling

Want to experience some outdoor climbing for the first time, but not quite sure how to transition from an indoor setting? Our instructor led outdoor roped climbing/abseiling days are the perfect opportunity for you to take those first steps. Under close supervision of instructors, our team will recreate the indoor climbing experience outdoors. We can also facilitate abseiling sessions or even incorporate them into your climbing day. Our team will select an appropriate venue for your skill level and weather conditions to ensure maximum enjoyment of your day. We always operate with two instructors to ensure your safety at all times. Minimum participant level 3.

Roped Climbing and Abseiling sessions are £100pp.



Bespoke/Guided Climbing

Exactly what it says on the tin! Do you have a climb in mind that you’d like to tackle? Got a challenge you’ve signed yourself up for? Are you looking for a more adventurous team building day for your business? Do you just want a day out climbing with our experienced instructors? We can cover all aspects of outdoor climbing, including movement skills and rope skills. Minimum participant level 2. Please contact the centre to discuss your requirements with our instructors so we can tailor a day to suit your needs.

Bespoke/Guiding Climbing sessions are £150pp.




For more information and booking please do not hesitate to contact us directly at climbing@theshowroom.org.uk