An update from our Children, Youth & Family Services Manager

Steve Williams, Children, Youth & Family Services Manager, joined YMCA Lincolnshire at the start of December 2018. Below he shares more information about himself, his previous roles and what his future aspirations are for children and young people in the county as the head of YMCA Lincolnshire’s youth services teams.

I have worked with children, young people and their families for over 16 years in many roles, mainly in child protection and safeguarding. I have worked for many organisations in the past to help develop and implement youth provision and open and run early years settings. I have a drive and passion to help and support families and to give children and young people the opportunities they deserve in life.

I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge through many different experiences over the years and I feel they will be beneficial in my new role within YMCA Lincolnshire. I hope I can help to drive and move the youth provision here forward and help develop more services for early years too.

In the near future my team and I at The Showroom Activity Centre and YMCA Day Care centres are planning to develop our current offering and provide a larger variety of activities. We have have also spoken about outreach services so that our Youth Support Workers can take resources and activities out into our local communities. This will help us to engage with families who might not have heard about YMCA Lincolnshire and to talk to children and young people about what sessions they would like to see at the YMCA in the future.

I want to bring  more of a nurturing feel to the sessions we deliver, so if children and young people have any issues with school or even at home they can seek the help and advice they need.

Something that is vital in my role and my team is collaborative working with other agencies and professionals so that we can all work together to offer support and advice and services that will benefit children and young people in our local communities.

Overall, we want all of our YMCA Lincolnshire settings to be places where both children and parents/guardians can come to take part in engaging and educational activities. We want people to know that we’re a place you can come to relax, speak with like-minded people, make friends and feel safe in.