An update from our Resident Engagement Tutor

Sonia Rossington joined YMCA Lincolnshire in November 2018, taking up the role of Resident Engagement Tutor. Her role, which is funded through the Big Lottery Engagement Into Learning Building Better Opportunities project is vital in the work we do, supporting and engaging residents on a one-to-one basis.  Below Sonia shares more about her role and the impact she’s starting to see.

My role as resident engagement tutor, funded through Building Better Opportunities, is to encourage and empower individuals with one-to-one advice and mentoring.

By spending defined time with each individual person, we review and discuss the complex issues that prevent them from moving forward and we create a bespoke action plan with them. This might take a day or a week or even longer, but each person’s action plan highlights the vital steps needed to take them towards education, employment or training.

We have a Discretionary Fund that we can use to tackle any financial barriers stopping an individual moving forward. Individuals in need can access the fund and spend it on things like travel costs, training, equipment or clothes. It’s all about removing barriers and making it as easy as possible to support people in moving forward.

By making links with a wide range of local employers, every individual we see can be supported (when they’re ready to be) with offers of training, work placements, volunteering or helping them in securing a job.

By building partnerships with external agencies, our residents now have the chance to learn from and speak to specialists in healthy living, money matters and education too.