YMCA Lincolnshire’s response to additional spending for Youth Services announcement

This week, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that an additional £500 million is to be allocated to youth services through the new Youth Investment Fund.

YMCA Lincolnshire welcomes additional much needed funding and looks forward to seeing the details on how and where it will be allocated.

In rural communities such as Lincolnshire ongoing revenue funding for youth workers is essential, not just investment into new infrastructure. It has been an immense effort for those operating rural and urban youth clubs open over recent years and YMCA Lincolnshire has recently been supporting communities in Swineshead, Boston and Mablethorpe to revive clubs & activities centres who were in danger of closing.

YMCA Lincolnshire engages with over 8500 young people each year, with funds donated from the general public and through support from trusts and funders. We provide wellbeing, health and fitness services, support groups such as our LGBT+ group. We ensure our young people have a voice through our youth council as well providing opportunities for young people to take action and do good in their communities. We also provide a range of music, arts, drama, sports and educational activities that young people take part in regularly.

Continuing to employ professional qualified youth workers relies on ongoing, and not one off, funding to provide these services. We are not alone – there are a wide variety of voluntary organisations throughout Lincolnshire doing great work with young people who are struggling to keep their services afloat.

The continuous allocation of funding to rural communities for youth services is paramount as so many young people use them for support, learning, development and wellbeing.

Caroline Killeavy, Chief Executive of YMCA Lincolnshire said:

“It is reassuring to see that Government has recognised the severe gap in funding for youth services currently and I hope this is the beginning of a return to adequate funding to support our young people grow and develop as valued members of our society.”