YMCA Lincs Responds to Supported Housing Funding Announcement

The Government has announced today that housing benefit will be kept in place for everyone living in supported accommodation.

The decision comes after months of deliberation over controversial changes to the way hostels and other short-term accommodation is funded.

One proposed change was the introduction of grant funding. The grant funding model would have been controlled by the local authority and paid to short-term supported housing rents at their discretion.

However, after hearing the views from service providers, including YMCA England & Wales, the Government has decided housing benefit will remain in place.

Caroline Killeavy, CEO at YMCA Lincolnshire, said: “YMCA Lincolnshire is pleased the Government has recognised that housing benefit is an essential service and has decided against any changes to the current provision.

“Supported housing is a large part of the service we provide in Lincoln, and we will continue to work with our local authorities to ensure those in need receive the support they require.”