YMCA Residents Help to Document Lincoln Everyman Cinema Development

Two YMCA residents have been contributing to the development of the Everyman Cinema in Lincoln through a project in collaboration with Lindum Group.

Mark and Callum have been on site with Lindum Group over the last few months, documenting the construction of the new cinema through photographs.

Mark said: “I’m really enjoying seeing the changes each time we’re on site. I feel as though this project is giving me a purpose.”

The development, which is situated in the Cornhill area of Lincoln, is part of Lincolnshire Co-Op’s £70 million regeneration project.

The photos Mark and Callum take will soon be placed on the hoardings around the area, funded by Lincolnshire Co-Op.

Sonia Rossington, Resident Engagement Tutor at YMCA Lincolnshire, added: “The idea behind the collaboration was to establish a sense of belonging, contribution to the community and getting recognition. We’re really proud of Mark and Callum and can’t wait to see their photos.”

Whilst the focus of this project is documenting the regeneration through photographs, Callum has found another passion since working with the team.

Callum said: “I’m in the right place; this is definitely what I want to be doing. Regularly meeting the positive and supportive team at Lindum has confirmed to me the career path I’d like to take.”