Emergency Accommodation


Nomad, part of YMCA Lincolnshire provides emergency access accommodation in the form of the Nomad Centre – the only direct access night shelter service in Lincolnshire.


Our aim is to help those with the greatest need move forward with their lives by working with them to gain access to appropriate health care and other support services, and crucially, suitable accommodation.

We provide shelter to adults aged 18 and over in the form of a bed in en-suite accommodation, laundry, three meals a day, and a safe and supportive environment.

The Nomad Centre has 20 en-suite rooms, 2 new hostel rooms, a professional kitchen, day centre facilities, and most importantly 24/7 access for residents.



St Rumbold’s Street,




For more information contact us on:

Tel – 01522 504589
Night – 01522 504588


Our service users are diverse and can have multiple or complex needs. Others just need pointing in the right direction. By treating everyone with dignity and respect, and offering a non-judgmental service we can help them take positive steps to a more secure future.

Find more information on the new Nomad Centre here.