Supported Housing

YMCA Lincolnshire is a Registered Housing Provider, registered with the Regulator of Social Housing. We own and manage over 170 units of accommodation across the city of Lincoln. We are passionate about housing and supporting our residents to help them to sustain their license and achieve their full potential in life.


We provide support for single adults aged 18 and over.

We support our residents to move from a position of vulnerability and dependence to greater levels of freedom and independence. We work with our residents to enable them to remain as safe and secure as possible, in their homes and sign post them to agencies and partner organisations to help them live to overcome life challenges and live fulfilling and self-sufficient lives.

YMCA Lincolnshire gives equal consideration to all applications we receive. Our policy is to provide fair and equal treatment to all applicants and ensure no unfair discrimination against anyone in the application/referral process.

However, unfortunately we are unable to accept all applicants and referrals due to the type of accommodation we provide and the degree of support we are able to offer. It is necessary, therefore to assess each applicant on an individual basis for suitability.

Occasionally we may have no suitable vacancies. In these circumstances, applications will be placed on a waiting list. Applicants will be advised accordingly.


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Alternatively, please click here to download a housing application form.


For further information please contact a member of staff on 01522 888 200 or email