The YMCA movement was founded in London in 1844 by George Williams, a textile worker. He and a group of like-minded young men held prayer meetings which gradually evolved into a society which they named the "Young Men’s Christian Association". Associations sprang up rapidly both nationally and internationally.

Lincoln YMCA was founded in 1869 and was based in rooms above Mawer & Collingham’s department store, now Binns. In 1881 it moved to Guildhall Street, Lincoln in the building now occupied by the Orgasmic Bar. We moved to new purpose-built accommodation at our present site on St Rumbold’s Street in 1969. Lincoln YMCA became Lincolnshire YMCA in 2005 when Stamford YMCA joined with us.

The current organisation is made up of the following activities and departments: old_ymca

  • Administration & Finance
  • Youth Work
  • Training
  • Housing
  • Outreach
  • Childcare
  • International Work
  • Room Letting & Conference Facilities


The YMCA enjoys a good reputation within the City and works in partnership with local, regional and national organisations.

The Mission Statement of Lincolnshire YMCA is:

“To demonstrate our faith through social action”

It is this mission statement which should underpin all of our work. In exploring this further our ethos is that we should show care and respect for any individual with whom we come into contact, whether that be on a sports programme for one day or a resident living with us for a longer period of time.

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